Our Value to You

Built by advisors for advisors, our services help CPA’s and Advisors expand the values they deliver with patience, integrity and discipline as the leading authority in their marketplace. Our team works diligently to build effective communication, service and implementation tools for the long-term success of our Partners – and importantly – their clients. Collectively, we provide on-going insights, gained from decades of real-time industry and research experience. We help our Partners expand with leading-edge services and insights for clients. Along the way, they can expand practice revenues and build market leadership.

Our Team

Mike Williams

Mike started in the financial industry back in 1982 when the Dow was still below 1,000. His focus on demographic insights and how they impact economic evolution over long-term cycles began with the Baby Boomers who themselves were just beginning to aggressively flow into the economic channels of the US. It was this generation which would later become the subject of many books on the topic.

The core thesis of Demogronomics was born in those early days of the Boomers – as they became adults, expanded into business and built a life. Natural events – able to be tracked, understood and planned around. Since those early days, extensive experience has been gained in advising high-net worth individual investors, family offices and institutions on effective portfolio insights based on the often overlooked demographic powers constantly rippling through our economy.

The focus of Demogronomics? Simple. Provide our CPA and Advisor Partners – and clients – with a foundation of knowledge helping them to better understand the fundamental drivers of long-term economic growth. History suggests these insights can build a pathway of patience allowing their clients to make more effective choices about their collective financial futures. Mike, Sam and the team provide training programs and educational tools which help our Partners lead their clients toward productive planning goals and powerful perspectives of the future. Simplifying complex investment subject matter is illustrated in the unique and insightful concepts which Demogronomics has built to positively impact our Partners and their clients.

Sam Sorenson

Sam is the story-telling genius mind behind the expansion, marketing and education tools helping to change the lives of our CPA and Advisor Partners (and their clients) around the country. Our Partners quickly find advantage in their marketplace with the video library provided. Sam is a 5-time, Emmy-Award winning producer, director, photojournalist, and editor.

His 23-year-career has taken him across the country and around the world. During the Iraq War, Sam embedded with the National Guard and produced a multi-award-winning documentary telling the soldiers’ stories. Having won 5 already, he has been nominated for more than 20 Emmy Awards.

He has won four Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, and the prestigious National Edward R. Murrow Award. He is currently overseeing our planned production of a feature-length documentary about global demography, exploring how population dynamics will impact the world’s economies and cultures for decades to come. Our Partners and their clients get a preview of these insights in our 31-minute ground-breaking seminar presentation. Sam’s ability to take high-level viewpoints of complex data and turn them into dynamic and easy-to-understand stories, which permanently change viewers’ perspective, is unmatched in this industry. Our Partners across the country have learned this first-hand.

Phanit Williams

Phanit makes sure that our design concepts flow smoothly online and off – and that they effectively present the information needed by the viewer. She oversees all design maintenance for all reports, websites and graphic materials for our research, emails and all channels of dissemination.

John “Jay” Kostaken

John started his education on the road to becoming a Doctor. The world of finance was calling though. He oversees data formation and website analytics as well as programming services and operations. If clients need something special created from a technical point of view, John makes sure it happens.